Marine National Park and Takamaka.

Takes such long time uploading pictures! Not sure if we’ll have anymore for you until we are back in Sweden again, since our last two weeks here (closing in!) will be without laptops. Our adventure here in Seychelles changes to phase 2 on Friday when we move to La Digue, a small island with a lot of beautiful beaches to explore. After that we head off to Praslin for a few days before going back to MahĂ© on the 29th to catch our flight. Luckily we can leave our big luggage here at our first place so we’ll only bring our small rugsacks. Gonna be sweaty enough as it is without carrying bags of 16-20 kgs each, haha.

So, our trip to the St. Anne Marine National Park proved to be one awesome day for us. The organizer picked us up right outside the gates and brought us to the catamaran in the port. We were only about 15 people joining (due to low season), so it was a nice and small gathering. The weather was great and it was sooo wonderful feeling the ocean breeze! Once out of the port, we got to check out the corals and fish from a semi-sub boat. A bit of a claustrophobic feeling going down there, haha. After that we went back to the catamaran (after spotting a couple of dolphins far away (didn’t get a picture 😩 )) and got to snorkel around. Amazing! Such clear view, we saw a lot of fish in different colours and corals of various shapes and sizes. There were some fish who got veeery close, almost nibbling on us. Felt like something from a horror/sci-fi movie in which the sea creatures turn against you! After that we had lunch onboard and then hopped ashore on La Moyenne, a petite protected island where it’s said to be buried pirate treasures and where tortoises roam around, all cute and slow. We walked around the island and it really felt like another version of Seychelles. Very exotic and different feeling. It was awesome running into tortoises all over the place when you least expected it too! Then we boarded the catamaran again, had a cocktail and went back to the port, just in time for the rain. We got a ride back to the gates though, so no worries there. 😉

Today, Emelie and I had planned for an outing to Takamaka in the south, and the beach in particular. It started out as a sunny and veeery hot day, but once we sat on the bus it got more cloudy and soon enough it started raining. Still very hot though, of course. It’s the constant thing here. High temperature and high humidity. Even when it’s a bit colder it’s still hot. Anyway. We found the beach and whoa! The waves. Were. Gigantic. Emelie was pushed down and rolled around a while after being hit by one of them sitting down. I haven’t laughed that much in ages (later on I fell too, due to getting hit, haha). It was nice, cool water though and a very welcome excursion indeed.

Til next time!



Hellooo everybody,

We have not given up on this blog just yet! Although it has been some stressful and anxiety ridden days recently. My (Rebecka’s newly bought, mind you) laptop decided to just not work one morning. And stayed in that mode until this evening! My mom asked the ‘computer whisperer’ in my hometown and sent me his advice. Voila! Let’s hope it keeps working from now on too…

Since you last heard from us we have experienced the carnival in Victoria (in which we found ourselves interviewed as well as pulled into the parade (awkward swedes inc.!)) and visited the southern parts of MahĂ©. We have been wanting to visit those beaches all along, and finally we decided on a day to go. After the usual bumpy ride with the bus (although cheap as always, only 5 rupees to anywhere, from anywhere on the island), we got to Anse Soleil. This was a spectacular beach, I tell you. Pictures are not quite enough, but when I get the chance I’ll upload some to let you know what I’m talking about! And what was even more fantastic about this beach was that the water cooled us down. So far, every time we have been in the water it has had the temperature of boiled water, pretty much. So this was a nice change. And it helped us endure the noon heat better! However, though careful in the sun and usage of sun block, I managed to burn my back, hands and ears a bit. When we started our way back, we found out that the nearest bus stop was something like 5 000 miles away. Woho… But we kept walking, ’cause, there was no other way, haha. We had to get home! And then, out of nowhere, a car from some diving centre stopped and asked if we needed a lift somewhere. Yes please..!

Tomorrow we have booked a very exciting excursion, one that we have thought about and wanting to do ever since we got here. We are going (by boat) to the marina nationalpark outside of Victoria to check out corals, enjoy the sun (some more), snorkel and experience Seychelles from a different perspective. Gotta get up eeearly, but it’ll be worth it I’m sure. As long as the weather shows itself from a decent side…

Next time we’ll show some pictures hopefully!



One evening, the security guard here prepared and grilled a fish for us! So nice!


I think he said it was a barracuda which is sorta freaky to imagine that we ate, haha.


Someone is having a very relaxed time. We have both finished our books AND each other’s books (Emelie devours books when she likes them, I mean really devours. She finished my heavy book in perhaps a week? I don’t know if I should be impressed or scared)!


Evening clouds. We are pretty lucky with a view like this..


Blue sky! Prepare for a waaarm day…


So this is the start for any snorkeler (is that what it’s called?) here. And to the right you can see a part of the hotel we got next to us.




This one is for my mom! You could say all the flower pictures are especially for her, let’s see if she can figure out what kind some of them are..


Tomorrow (25th) until Sunday (27th) it’s time for Carnaval International de Victoria, and Victoria has started with the decorations!


Oh, sweet delight. Our first pizza in Seychelles! And the tiny bowl in the middle contained something that smelled like pizza salad. We tasted it the same time and stared at each other the same time and gasped “oh my god” – Emelie proceeding to drink a lot of water and I shoved pizza in my mouth. That sauce thingy was soooooo spicy you can’t even imagine!


And here you have the brave adventurers! It’s really not deep, we are just sitting down, haha. (Picture taken by one of our kind neighbours.)

We are alive!

It has been quiet around here for a few days now and I suppose you could blame a mix of studies, activities and plain laziness for that. We got struck by a sudden stressed feeling about our thesis, so we have been busy writing on that and finding people to interview for it. Besides this, we finally bought some snorkeling equipment and tried it out. Man, is that exhausting or what? Haha. But it was fun! We saw colourful fish and also some black spiky round things.. no idea what that was, but it was kinda scary-looking. Yesterday we decided to visit the tea plantation and factory not far from here. It was really nice to see something else (no, we haven’t been very good at exploring the island just of yet…) and the jungle-looking forest we travelled through on winding roads there was so beautiful. The bus ride was shaky and bumpy like a roller-coaster though! You are not allowed to speak loudly on the buses here, but at the same time, I can’t see how one would be able to speak in one’s normal voice at all, hah. 🙂

So, coming up, a post with pictures, yay!

Random pictures!


We found fish and bowls of other interesting food in our fridge one evening – an unexpected and very tasty surprise from our landlord!


Beautiful, sunny days.




And once the sun begins to set it doesn’t take long until it’s all dark!


In Victoria, before going to the Botanical Garden. We decided to sit and relax a bit at a cafĂ© – I had a milkshake and Emelie chose ice cream. Yum!


Botanical garden.



We finally found the Botanical Garden! Luckily you can’t really see it on the photos, but it w as extremely warm that day – perfect for such an outing… hrm… But it was very pretty!


The unique Coco de mer palm tree (it exists only here in Seychelles). Huuge.


Aldabra Giant Tortoise. 🙂


Apparently they drink through their nose and can’t swim, only float..




A panorama of a part of the garden. 🙂


Batman! I had a really hard time catching one of these. This is the best picture I got… They are very fast!


Green, green everywhere.


We have noticed a lot of these lately!


In the lower right hand corner you can spot the rest of the tortoise(s?).


More of them!


Unfortunatly the battery on my camera was low (since we had not planned to visit the garden), so I didn’t take as many pictures as I could (should) have.


Naturally, the garden contained a lot of flowers…


These were really funny looking (and outside the garden)…



JÀttesköldpaddor och skavsÄr.

IgÄr sÄ Äkte vi in till stan för att trÀffa en kvinna vi lÀrde kÀnna pÄ bröllopet som vi var pÄ. Hon skulle ta oss till en klÀdaffÀr dÀr de tydligen ska finnas vÀldigt vackra klÀnningar, nÄgonting bÄde jag och Rebecka Àr intresserad av dÄ vÄra klÀder hÀr inte kÀnns sÄ fina, bara massa lösa linnen och shorts. Men tyvÀrr sÄ vad affÀren stÀngd sÄ vi bestÀmde att vi skulle göra det nÀsta vecka istÀllet. 

Men eftersom vi ÀndÄ var i stan och inte hade nÄgra andra planer för dagen sÄ bestÀmde vi oss för att Àntligen gÄ till botaniska trÀdgÄrden, nÄgonting vi har pratat om lÀnge. Men först gick vi till en cafÚ för att Àta glass (milkshake för Rebecka) för att fÄ lite energi (lÀs: socker), vilket visade sig vara en bra plan för vi gick och gick och gick, men kom aldrig fram kÀndes det som. Vi fick frÄga om vÀgen 3 gÄnger innan vi Àntligen hittade dit. DÄ var vi sÄ trötta och svettiga sÄ vi gick bara i ungefÀr halva parken, mer orkade vi inte. Men vi ska Äka tillbaka en annan gÄng, nu nÀr vi vet vart det ligger. 

Men vi fick iaf se jÀttesköldpaddorna, nÄgonting jag har varit pepp pÄ enda sen vi kom hit. SÄ otroligt söta, och stora. Vi tog massa bilder men tyvÀrr sÄ Àr internet lite segt just nu sÄ fÄr lÀgga upp dem en annan gÄng! 

Talking in your sleep?

Hi, hello, good afternoon!

I have started talking in my sleep a lot lately, for some reason. Our routine is usually that I fall asleep like a baby in the evening, and then Emelie stays up a little bit longer. And recently, she has told me, I have “woken up” after a while and started a conversation with her. Tonight we had a very odd talk, something about how we shouldn’t show our faces around here again. Some nights ago, I suddenly sat up in my bed and noted something about Sherlock (the series). A friend of ours said it must be kinda creepy for Emelie to witness, and I agree, but as we concluded: if ever I mention a little girl staring at us from the closet or bathroom door, that is reason for us both to freak out.

A birthday and a wedding.

On Friday, Emelie and I stood in line to buy some groceries, when suddenly the woman in front of us turned around and asked, in Swedish, if we were from Sweden. Perplexed, but positively surprised, we said yes. And then we started talking, the queue was looong, and to make a long story short – she invited us to her wedding the following day (on my birthday!). Haha. It was very random. And a bit nervous! But we both looked forward to it, since we haven’t really mingled with any locals (or anyone at all haha) yet. And so we went, had a great time (even though it many times felt a bit surreal) and got some really nice food in our stomachs. We got to see how a red snapper looks in its entire form and wow, it’s huge! Looked like a Disney fish. There was some spicy stuff as well, very spicy, haha. And we got to talk to a bunch of very warm and welcoming people. I don’t think I could have asked for a more memorable birthday!



The weather was beautiful! Sunny, but still some clouds and a bit windy.

And the birthday girl with all her wonderful gifts! Emelie made sure I got a birthday morning celebration fit for a queen. I think the best present was the icecream. Yep. The icecream. :)

The birthday girl with all her wonderful gifts! Emelie made sure I got a birthday morning celebration fit for a queen. I think the best present was the icecream. Yep. The icecream. 🙂


Just stopping by to let you know our move to the new place went just fine and both Emelie and I have now settled in. We got the ocean just outside our door, and this is where we plan on trying out snorkeling once we get our hands on some equipment. Enjoyed a nice dinner on our little veranda (with a candle tooo, very cosy!) and looking forward to a (hopefully) good night’s rest… Emelie managed to get the bed right beneath the fan. I shall whine about this until we leave, is my plan. Tomorrow awaits another visit to Victoria. Gotta fill up our chocolate cabinet (this is very important to me).


TÀnkte bara titta in och meddela att vi nu har flyttat in i vÄrt andra boende under den hÀr vistelsen och att flytten gick smidig och smÀrtfri. Kanske frÀmst eftersom vi inte behövde bÀra vÄra vÀskor den korta (men i vÀrmen vÀldigt lÄnga) strÀckan ner till huset. Hah. KÀndes nÄgot plÄgsamt att se nÄgon annan kÄnka pÄ det cementtunga bagaget. Men nu har vi i alla fall bott in oss lite och lÀrt kÀnna spisen/ugnen och att vattnet i duschen rinner undan extremt lÄngsamt. Havet Àr precis utanför dörren och det Àr alltsÄ hÀr vi tÀnkte testa pÄ att snorkla nÀr vi sÄ smÄningom fÄr tag pÄ lÀmplig utrustning. KvÀllsmaten avnjöts pÄ den lilla verandan (med ett levande ljus dessutom, vÀldigt mysigt!) och nu ser vi bÄda fram till en (förhoppningsvis) god natts vila.. Emelie lyckades knipa sÀngen som ligger precis under flÀkten och detta planerar jag att gnÀlla om tills vi Äker. Imorgon vÀntar Ànnu ett besök i Victoria. MÄste fylla upp förrÄdet av choklad (det hÀr Àr vÀldigt viktigt för mig).